About Sassalina

Sassalina is the bespoke fine jewellery design service established by Gemmological Association of Great Britain Fellow, Sarah Freeman.

Sarah will be blogging here on all things gems and jewellery.

Sassalina accepts new commissions and the redesign of heirlooms and vintage pieces.


2 thoughts on “About Sassalina

  1. Hi
    I stumbled across your website and was hoping if you could offer me some advice.
    I’m in the process of sending “gentle suggestions” to my boyfriend for an imminent engagement ring.
    Due to cultural reasons, I’m not allowed to wear diamonds, and thus have heavily researched coloured gem options.
    I’ve become particularly enthralled by padparadascha sapphires. However, I haven’t seen one in person. Many stores I’ve popped into say they rarely have any. However, before I commit to falling in love with stone I would like to see what it looks like against my complexion. Or would you be able to advise of this if I describe my skin and undertone? Would shouldering diamonds also help the sapphire pick up light and sparkle ? (Considering flouting the cultural restrictions of the diamond isn’t the Central stone)
    Since when I helped my brother in law design my sisters engagement ring, I still feel like her 2 caret purple sapphire lacks a certain sparkle. Which only diamonds can lend.
    I would appreciate any advice.
    Kindest Regards

    • Hi there
      So lovely to hear from you…Padparadascha Sapphires are one of my favourite gems, apart from being really beautiful they are also extra special as they are not so well known! As a sapphire they are relatively hard and therefore perfect as an engagement ring. I have seen a few over the last few years, and would be really happy to show you one if you are based in London…Please feel free to email me directly if you would like to chat any further or to see one….Choosing your stone is the best part of getting engaged in my view..
      Sarah x

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