Fathers Day : Time to treat him

Buying gifts for our men at important times, like Fathers Day, is often a tricky business – men are not typically easy to buy for and we are constantly thinking of what they would possibly want or use!


Normally we think of jewellery gifting as mainly for women but in reality loads of men would love to have a special pair of cufflinks given to them…my husband has his cufflinks noticed in the office regularly.  Guys who aren’t wearing a suit often want a cool pair of cufflinks to stand out and make a statement when they want to look smart.


Black Star Diopside stones ready to be set into double stone-ended cufflinks

I can make cufflinks to suit a range of budgets…in sterling silver, gold, platinum..whatever suits him.  You can add stones or engrave or stamp plain metal studs…we can even engrave the cufflink bar so for Fathers Day this might be the birth dates of your children (see the gold cufflinks with a wedding date printed on them below).

Star Ruby and Gold cufflinks

Star Ruby and Gold engraved cufflinks

I think men are sentimental, particularly when it comes to their children, and they would love a piece of jewellery they can wear every day, or for smart occasions, that is unique and personal to them.  I once designed a pair of cufflinks for a friend for her 80 year old father and I got special permission to put the London hallmark of the Lion on as the design because he had lived in London all his life!

Cabochon Amethyst Silver cufflinks

Cabochon Amethyst Silver Love cufflinks in Sterling Silver


Peach Moonstone Love cufflinks in Sterling Silver

If you’re fortunate enough to have a partner who loves wearing jewellery then it won’t just be cufflinks that will be on your shopping list but perhaps some bracelets or a ring (recently, my 17 year old son really enjoyed the process of designing a ring for his birthday).

mens bracelets

Whether the men in our life are 18 or 80 they can really appreciate the effort and design that has gone into their unique gift and for fathers, what better way to treat them on Fathers Day than to choose bespoke!

S x


Are you a man who needs help with buying an engagement ring?


Mrs Box

Getting engaged is the most exciting time of your life…however it can also be wrought with stress…for the one proposing!!  Often this is the man who has typically had very little exposure to jewellery buying and especially in this price bracket. Some women have handed over a million tear sheets with confusing hints…some ladies just don’t wear jewellery and others have taste which is of a less conservative style….What do you do? This is a ring to last a lifetime?!??

Diamond Pave ring

Diamond Pave ring

Another issue may be men often view the purchase as an investment opportunity …I find the process of making jewellery with a man requires a much more technical explanation; they tend to want to know the science side of the gems (lucky I am a gemmologist and love that bit!) or alternatively how much the stones will appreciate in value (lucky I have been in business for 9 years and have had to revalue lots of my pieces for insurances purposes so I understand how much they do appreciate in value!). Crucially, without retail overheads, our prices are often substantially lower to start with…

Alternatively, many blokes just do not know where to start…

Princess cut Diamond with Diamond set band

Princess cut Diamond with Diamond set band

Having made numerous engagement rings over the years….I have made rings for a surprise, with partners, with the women on their own and no fiancé involvement…however I thought I would include two testimonials from men who got engaged at the same time and (luckily for me) came to make their rings through me…

Sapphire and Diamond ring

“I sought the expertise guidance of Sarah after my Aunty and her friends all recommended one person to help me with the job of designing and creating the perfect engagement ring to propose to Fran. I knew time was on my side as had over 3 months until I was flying out to NYC to pop the question so got in touch with Sarah to start on my journey to creating the perfect engagement ring. I’ll be honest…I knew only a few things that were needed in the ring…I knew Fran loved Sapphires and Diamonds, that the band should be Platinum or White Gold as Fran would be less likely to wear yellow gold and that Fran wanted something with a traditional look but something different. I’d based this knowledge on the variety of rings that had been pointed out to me on various wanderings past jewellery shops (research trips). Sarah was just brilliant…she met me on a couple of occasions as well as lots of email chat on choosing the main stone and then design of the actual ring and supporting stones. I decided on the untreated Sapphire as the centre stone as Fran has bright blue eyes that this as pointed out by Sarah went perfectly with. From there the ring then took shape and the design was shown by Sarah and agreed on. Sarah was so flexible from then on with the speed that the ring got created and for me to pick up (not too soon as didn’t want to have to hide it for any length of time). Sarah even arranged for a smaller than normal ring box for me as would be less bulky when taking to NYC. When the big proposal day came Fran thankfully said yes and I actually in all the excitement put the ring on the wrong hand for the first 24 hours until Fran realised and switched back to the correct hand and finger…which is the left hand ring finger (the one next to your little finger for any chaps reading). I recommended Sarah to two friends I work with who both also used Sarah to create their engagement rings and I’m sure they will say equally lovely things about the service and end result Sarah did for them. I would whole hearted recommend Sarah and will be revisiting for Wedding Rings in the near future!” M.Brown


Princess cut Solitaire Diamond ring

“I was first introduced to Sarah through a good friend who highly recommended her. Given this was the first time I’d ever considered buying an engagement ring it was important to me that I felt comfortable, looked after and safe in the knowledge I had someone who wouldn’t take me for a ride. The moment I spoke to Sarah all these reservations disappeared and I knew instantly she was the person to design my ring! I knew roughly what I wanted, a simple elegant princess cut diamond with a platinum setting. Sarah educated me on which diamonds to use and gave me the choice of 5 beautiful stones, she then showed me some amazing settings to choose from. I left it with Sarah and the results we better than I ever imagined, the diamond looked fantastic and sat perfectly in a neat & graceful setting. I proposed to Rachel in a very romantic Abu Dhabi, she was blown away with how beautiful her ring was…so much so she contacted Sarah on our return to thank her for doing such a good job! It goes without saying that I highly recommend Sarah, she was a pleasure to deal with throughout and we’ll certainly be using her for the wedding.” R.Trotter

At Sassalina we are proud of the personal service we provide all our customers – we are only happy when the client is happy, nothing short of delighted (tears of joy if possible),  and we are here to help you get this right….One male client who I made an engagment ring for said to me “This is the first time I have got something totally right form start to finish…” and that’s how I feel it should always be with jewellery….



images via sassalina.com and Mrs Box